Screening Programs

The ֱ, in cooperation with the Kenosha County Division of Health, has sponsored various screening programs for many years to ensure students the best opportunity to profit from our total education program.

The Kindergarten Screening program will be conducted in September, which will include both a vision and hearing screening. The Vision Screening will begin early this fall followed by the Hearing Screening Program next February.  Vision and Hearing Screening Programs are given to the following students:

  1. Kindergarten Screening: Vision and Hearing Screening for all new enrollees (September)
  2. Vision Screening: Grades 2, 5 and referrals. Children wearing glasses are not screened. (Fall)
  3. Hearing Screening Grades 1, 2, 3 and referrals (February)

Any parent/guardian wishing to have their child excluded from any or all of the screening programs may do so by sending a note to the principal of their child’s school.