Research Requests

The ֱ (ֱ) is supportive of academic research projects which seek to improve the knowledge base in the field of education. In order for an individual or institution to conduct a research project in ֱ, they must first receive written approval from the Office of Educational Accountability (OEA) to conduct their research within ֱ.

The petitioner should indicate in their application if the results of their research are anticipated to be published and if so, when and in what publication(s) the research is to be published for public review. The impact of consuming instructional time at the classroom level is a key consideration that will be evaluated by ֱ with respect to approving any submitted research proposal.

OEA will be the ֱ “point of contact” for all research proposals. They will internally staff the submitted proposal among the appropriate ֱ departments for input, as well as submit the petitioner’s reviewed proposal to the ֱ Leadership Council and Superintendent of Schools for final approval. After an assessment by the Superintendent of Schools, OEA will advise the petitioner as to the status of their research proposal. This notification will normally be in written form (either letter or email).

If a petitioner has any questions during the process, they should contact Ms. Tonya Miller at OEA will provide the necessary ֱ application forms to the petitioner after initially reviewing the petitioner’s request and project scope.